Unwritten – Magic Review – Lyndon Jugalbot

Magic Review – Unwritten – Lyndon Jugalbot and Sans Minds

This a review for the effect Unwritten, which I recently bought and have mixed views on. Continue reading…

The Effect

This is a way to make any message appear written on the edge of the cards.
It could be a card revelation, but it doesn’t have to be.

You can either drop the deck onto the table or the spectator’s hands, or your shake the deck and the words appears.

I wanted to get it because I’ve seen Paul Gertner’s Unshuffled but that requires the correct faro shuffles, so this is a much easier method. Creating a personalised message for an event / promotion etc… is a major advantage to this type of routine. That’s why I got it.
Unshuffled is mentioned in the credits.

Included is the gimmick and the DVD.


I paid £17 from magicianfx.co.uk and I got free postage as I spent over £40 in total and a free DVD.
Other places are selling it for £24 + P+P. That’s expensive! I’ll explain why in a minute.


(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

2 or 3
You need to handle the gimmick correctly and you probably want to do a better card force than the one shown on the DVD.


I like the effect and I like the method. It’s simple to do, easy to repeat and I think it will get a good reaction. This is a trick that I can see myself performing.
It’s definitely a working routine if you have space for a new trick in your repertoire. You do have to bring the gimmick in and out though if you are going to be performing another card trick before or after.

Tip - I saw a friend of mine performed this for me before I got it and he only showed one side of the deck! That made me think that the writing was on the other side, even though I didn’t clearly see him turn the deck round. You can turn the deck around and show all sides. You should!

Here’s what I really don’t like. The DVD is 13 minutes long and about half of that is the introduction / performance / and then teaching a swing cut!
OK, I understand that people want to see the trick performed and that beginners might want to learn a simple control / force, but the DVD is just completely useless.

There’s also the ‘crafty bit’ where they tell you how to stick two cards together with tape. It’s so bleeding obvious, I didn’t need someone to show me! Not that you can easily make the gimmick yourself anyway.

I would have much preferred if they had posted the performance video online (for free) and then sold the gimmick alongside a one page printed instruction sheet (that’s all it takes to explain it – it’s that simple). The cost would have been reduced massively and they could have sold it for £5 and still made a profit.
Why does everything have to be on DVD – it’s a waste of money, it’s a waste of resources and it’s a waste of the space in my house.

People should learn to read and then this could have been in a book with twenty more great ideas.

Here’s another important consideration. If you’re going to use this a lot, you will want to buy a refill at some point. Three refills are $60 / £35 – That’s expensive for what it is, and considering that you have already presumably “paid for the secret.” I also worry that if you love this trick and want to do it for many years to come, how long before they stop making the gimmicks! You really do want to learn magic with props you can get consistently.


I like the trick, but I’m annoyed at the commercialisation of it.
6 / 10

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  1. Good tip about turning it around. Some times magicians don’t realise things like that as it’s often hard to think like a layman. I do like this effect and it’s perfect for providing a giveaway at an event (getting friends to sign cards and then doing it at the head table etc). I agree about the DVD though. Ta for the review!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the read!
    It’s amazing to see magicians emerging more and more each year and as a close-up magician myself, I have to say…it’s great having a career with something you enjoy.

  3. I like to read all your stuff. Thanks for the review it was great, but we all know that this trick will end up in the back of a draw, I would say within the next 2 months. The thing is we magicians spend to much money on gimmicks that really aren’t fit for purpose, they look great on YouTube but in the real world will it fit/work?

    I have changed the way I buy my magic tricks, it has to 100% look like magic. Think about it something impossible, no answer to how it could have been done. That’s it, that’s the standard I need to set.

    We don’t or I haven’t spent enough time thinking about spectators and their views. It’s taken time but I think I am changing, I want more for my spectators. I don’t want them to walk away that was good but he did that and this and it could have been done that way. For me I have to try and get them to feel 100% like magic. My views have only changed over the last couple of days, but this is were I am heading.

    I like to read your work Ed, keep it up.


    Phil Taylor (Master Magician)

  4. I agree. Magic is what we should aim for!
    However, I don’t think it’s wrong to throw in something that is entertaining. It’s a trick, it’s a gag, etc… as long as you (the magician) knows the difference, and you can point that out to the audience.

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